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The Entrerriano Health Center presents cases of morbid obesity that are approached in an interdisciplinary manner – AIM Digital


In the 100,000-hearted framework of the week, the interdisciplinary team from the Selig Goldin medical center in Paraná offered athenaeum to the community, sharing the experiences of a patient who changed the quality of his life.

In the context of the annual and national 100,000 campaign promoted by the Argentine Cardiology Federation, Selig Goldin health center in Paraná (Avenida Laurencena 63) presented clinical cases of morbid obesity handled by interdisciplinary teams.

The experience allowed a patient with registered weight in August 2017 from nearly 168 kilograms to have dropped more than 60 kilograms. The treatment started with a clinical, cardiological, psychological and nutritional team allowing him to walk again and access, at the end of May this year, abdominal plastic surgery and extraction of fat cell tumors. Surgical intervention was practiced, at the Iturraspe Santa Fe hospital, by surgeon Rodrigo Acevedo.

First Level Director General of Attention, Norma Hernández, refers to a case that highlights "the desires and commitments of the team working together, achieving goals in each person." He also said: "Sandra managed to become the protagonist of the decision to change the quality of their lives and find a health center, with equipment and attitude, that accompanied her and made this reality possible today."

The founding director, Alba Velázquez, said after Athens that the idea and value of the presentation was to produce multiple effects in other health centers and hospitals in the province from "follow-up, support and all work, professionals and not professionals." In this way, the task continued from the conformation of the accompanying group to obese patients both in pediatrics and adults. "On Thursday there is a team working to take care of boys and on Fridays with adults," Velázquez said.

Velázquez said: "As a center of attention we try to provide solutions to people's problems by listening to them and hopefully the athenaeum presented can be a multiplier because co-workers have done the task." And he invited the community to join the cognitive stimulation (memory) workshop on Wednesday from 16 to 18 and adjust physical activity (walking) on ​​Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.

Nutritionist Natalia Cian and psychologist Laura Pérez accompany patients in the process of changing habits, new quality of life and continuing with others who are included in the group. "Sandra continues to lose weight and what witnesses can change to improve health; we also do it with a group of obese children coordinated by pediatricians, psychologists, social workers and nutritionists," Cian said. He added that "all health centers carry out ongoing assistance in health-disease processes based on interdisciplinary care that focuses on prevention and territorial approaches".

Meanwhile, Perez said: "Health centers are out for the community, campaigns for vaccination, promotion and detection of some cases."

Soledad Garcilazo, Coordinator for Prevention of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, participated in the event; reference in the field of Nutrition, Evelyn Baraballe, professional and non-professional workers from effectors; family; friends and friends of obese patients. Those present also tasted fruit salad.

First person

"After making the decision to change my life is the best thing I have done and I continue to do it: I find great support throughout the health center, neighbors, friends, friends walking, memory workshops and I want to thank you", said Sandra .

Women, mothers of 7 children, begin the process of changing habits and life by diagnosing angina, hypertension, hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes. He associates obstacles, opportunities, emotions and relapses that allow him to understand that "Food is addictive."

The surgery lasted five hours, carried out at the Iturraspe hospital in Santa Fe and healing was carried out, at home, in the treatment area at Selig Goldin health center. Ambulance transfers for each control were carried out by Entre Ríos province.

100,000 hearts

Cardiologist Dante Moine said that "the campaign was carried out across the country, between September and November for eleven years, with the premise of saving 100,000 hearts with ongoing practical and general actions over time such as: losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, consuming more a little salt, change your eating habits that combine more fruits and vegetables, reduce your intake of red meat and fat. Moine highlights the efforts and benefits for health status to incorporate healthy habits.

Professionals say that from a health center similar things began to be done 20 years ago. The campaign starts on Tuesday and every day, for a week, promotes healthy lifestyle habits. On Friday morning and evening activities, Pediatrics and Nursing, are intended for children and oriented towards good nutrition to fight overweight from an early age. Actions continuing on Monday will be educational talks in the morning; On Tuesday, the exposition of diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors continued and on Wednesday morning we will also work on cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. This week's closure will begin at 17.30 with a cardiosaludable aerobic party. Exercises will be carried out, running, releasing balloons at Urquiza Park, dance and live bands.

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