Saturday , October 23 2021

The end of Posnet: The new terminal reaches 200,000 stores


The well-known American payment processing company announced the arrival of the first smart payment device to Argentina. This new technology, which will arrive in January, will target all businesses that do not have their own collection system, around 200,000 stores. During the first year, the company will try to reach 50,000 companies in the first year.

This technology is called Clover and, according to information, allow to business owners to receive the latest payment innovations, maximize operational efficiency, utilize real-time data analysis and engage more with customers, all with industry-leading security and fraud monitoring.

Frank Bisignano, First Data CEO, informed that Argentina would be the first Latin American country where this development would be launched, and the fifth in the world after United States, Canada, Germany and England.

This system can be used from smartphones, tablets or computers through an online backend portal specifically for merchants, who are allowed to monitor transaction status, view receipts in online files and make changes to remote configurations. In particular, services that come in two versions are intended for small and medium enterprises and include payment systems (with employee management, customers and reports), point of sale (printer orders, inventory and fiscal printers) and integrated with the most famous local market printers (Rough )

Clover's business management functions also help create orders, inventory tracking, staff adjustments, increase customer involvement, and perform administrative tasks. In addition, Clover offers access to third-party application markets, connecting traders with applications designed to simplify daily business tasks and support functions that are very important for business owners. Applications can be synchronized with accounting programs, optimize employee administration, increase customer loyalty, and others, developed from the company.

During the launch, which took place last Tuesday at the Faena Arts Center, payment processor customers such as retailers, banks, and several influencers had the opportunity to test the advertised product features to be rented with a value of between $ 200 and $ 400.

It should be considered that this new product will arrive when the acquisition business that arranges credit cards in the country will be available to all interested players. This means that all POS terminals (known as POS) must receive all cards on the Visa, MasterCard and American Express markets, among others.

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