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The dollar slipped 40 cents to $ 39.01 in the last exchange wheel this year

It happens in harmony with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency fell 51 cents to $ 37.79 amid strong demand.

Yesterday, tickets took a breather this Thursday and fell seven cents before the peso shortages in banks and companies.

Because the supply of foreign currency is larger in terms of cash needs, in the last part of the day, the ticket removes the initial increase, after touching a maximum of $ 39.66.

In wholesalers, for its part, the currency gave 30 cents to $ 38.30, after reaching the $ 38.85 limit at the start of the wheel.

After touching that maximum, the sale of dollars by banks and companies began, which disarmed positions to obtain pesos and covered their needs, they explained in the square.

The volume traded was up to US $ 731.1 million, one of the highest in December.

The North American currency operates from large to small throughout the development of the day due to the permanent dominance of supply and income from abroad.

"The financial entity withdrew their reserves to have the peso needed and thus covered the Leliq of $ 13,300 million, which was added to the balance taken on that date," said analyst Fernando Izzo.

In the Leliq daily tender, where $ 162,652 million will be due, BCRA gave $ 176,006 million, and validated a slight increase in the rate, which was marked 59.39%, from the previous 59.36%.

In addition, companies sell currencies to determine the placement of assets in pesos, at a rate of 45%, and / or cancel inventions that are around 75%, "Izzo added.

But there is also a "foreign income boost" that results in price cuts and little by little they move away from this week's highs, "said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

Beyond this Thursday's decline, the range reached by wholesale dollars remained close to December's highest level, the month which accumulated a 1.5% increase.

"Sudden trend changes and strong price fluctuations, which alternately increase and decrease without explanation supporting it, change the evolutionary estimates in the last round of 2018 and allow all projections to open at the end of this year," Quintana said.

Blue for $ 40

On the informal market, for its part, blue reached $ 40 – prices that have not touched since early October – rose 25 cents, according to this media survey in caves in downtown Buenos Aires. At the beginning of the day, parallel tickets touched a record $ 41 intraday, supported by seasonal factors.

Remember that on Wednesday the informal dollar has exceeded the official price after a few weeks. "This is a market that is detached from the formal market, there are fewer ticket offers and prices are adjusted to that reality," explained a currency trader at á

The truth is that it is a very limited square, and usually at the end of the year there are more tastes for dollars than tourists traveling abroad.

"This is the end of the month and year, attractive demand for tourism and markets have different reactions to officials," another market source said.

On the other hand, "contad con liqui" rose eight cents to $ 38.54.

On the interbank money market, meanwhile, call money was traded on average 52%.

In the ROFEX futures market, in turn, US $ 1,460 million was negotiated, of which 68% was agreed between December and January, with the final price at $ 38.40 at the level of 95.30% (which it did not adjust last fall of the place), and to $ 40.25 with a rate of 53.10%, respectively. At the end of August 2019, the main month for PASO, operated at $ 50.25 ($ 1.30 more than in July).

Finally, BCRA's international reserves fell this Thursday by 336 million to US $ 66,111 million.

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