Saturday , October 23 2021

The dollar rose 24 cents to $ 37.67, the highest value in a month


Dollar The 24 cents advance this Friday was $ 37.67 in the banks and institutions of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average

That happened temporarily Public banks (Nations, Provinces and Cities) were not present for the 24-hour strike promoted by La Bancaria in the demand for wage increases.

In the world, the North American currency is valued and on track to record its biggest weekly percentage increase in a month, before reducing appetite to take risks and seeking protection by investors after a drastic drop in oil prices indicating that global growth is slowing.

In the informal market, meanwhile, that blue Stable operating at $ 36.50, according to the media survey in the caves of downtown Buenos Aires. The "calculated liquidation" rebounded yesterday 22 cents to $ 36.23.

Yesterday, the bill rose 18 cents to $ 37.43 and accumulated the third consecutive increase, on an unusual day for holidays in the United States on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

It is in harmony with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency rises 25 cents to $ 36.50 but it must be taken into account that most transactions are formalized must be liquidated on Friday, when normalizing overseas activities.

During the day, the Banking Association announced the termination of this Friday only in public entities, which accused "not renewing salaries in the first of October, as agreed in the parliament", which led to greater demand. for bank coverage and investors for surplus Lebac cancellation pesos.

The measure of strength will be fulfilled in the Nation, Province and City banks, among others, according to the guild.

On the interbank money market, "call money" is operated at an average of 60%. In swap exchanges, $ 38 million was agreed to take and / or place peso funds, through the use of dollar purchases next Monday.
In the ROFEX futures market, US $ 617 million was negotiated, which was more than 60% agreed between November and December, with the final price at $ 37,0800 and $ 38,5600 respectively; and the level of 72.50% and 52.82% TNA. Futures finished with an average increase of more than ten cents, accompanying the spot increase.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves increased by US $ 4 million on Thursday and closed at US $ 51,831 million.

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