The dollar fell to $ 38.56 and the level of Leliq continued to fall


The dollar fell on Friday by 17 cents and closed at $ 38.56 on average to be sold to the public at major national banks, while the Liquidity Liquidity level remained on the downward path and ended at 57.253%.

In the wholesale segment, the dollar fell to $ 37.58 but remained above the minimum band float, which today operates between $ 37.55 and $ 48.59.

In this way, wholesalers operate all wheels in a non-intervention zone regulated by the Central Bank, avoiding – like yesterday – intervention from the monetary center in a single market and free from change.

With this value, the dollar will open next Monday equal to the band floor value.

In that amount, the Liquidity level remains on the bearish track and finishes at 57.253%.

The volume traded in the cash segment reached US $ 724.7 million, 16% higher than yesterday, and no transactions were recorded in the MAE futures segment.

While in the Rosario, Rofex futures market, US $ 580 million traded, where more than 60% was agreed in January and February terms, operates eventually at $ 38.31 and $ 39, 59 respectively, and is in line with the cash segment, the provisions presented an average loss of 15 cents.

"Argentina's exchange market today is different from the dollar value at the global level, where it is revalued against foreign currencies and especially emerging currencies," said Fernando Izzo, analyst at ABC Mercado de Cambios.

The operator explained that "in the calculation of operators in the local financial sector sending interest rates in pesos, and above this weekend entering Monday with holidays in the United States, which affects calculation and settlement decisions"


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