Tuesday , March 2 2021

The Deputy's last session for the Justice battle was in danger

Wednesday's session designed to close the ordinary year of the House of Representatives could be suspended, because in Cambiemos there was no need to have dialogue with opposition leaders who joined forces to win a place in the Administration.

This session is only possible if the authorities of each caucus meet on Tuesday to review the syllabus and this Friday no one imagined the protocol.

There are extraordinary projects on the agenda, such as private property reforms that are being reviewed by the Senate, rental laws that are being rewritten, and criminal procedure reforms. And the others are many sectoral interests, such as the release of newspaper prices.

If it is not possible to see each other's faces, the Government plans to call an extraordinary session in December with the law that most attracts their attention and avoids uncertain final meetings.

In Cambiemos there is no nimos to negotiate the agenda with the opposition. Maybe there was something extraordinary in December with a law that attracted Macri's attention.

There was so much anger among Cambiemos deputies that some speculated to challenge Massista Graciela Camao, a cruel adviser from Magistracy, for not fulfilling several conditions to be taken on Tuesday.

There was also an internal invoice: on Tuesday, Emilio Monz assured that the agreement to support Pablo Tonelli and Mario Negri as the director was closed.

He is trusted in the commitment of Pablo Kosiner, head of Argentina Federal, from do not enter The compliance sheet has been distributed by Kirchner Eduardo Wado De Pedro y Camao, with certainty of being able to reach the majority if the opposition joins.

The LPO announced a month ago that the 3 biggest opposition blocks were negotiating to steal counselors to Cambiemos, but their leaders belittled the maneuver.

They don't pay attention to one detail: Kirchnerism, which is the biggest opposition block and council members can guarantee a minority, offer their votes so that other forces can get their votes. It is impossible that no one is tempted.

Kosiner was determined to abstain and the governor wanted, through Juan Manuel Urtubey. Juan Schiaretti's straps also opened the discussion but with the opportunity to succeed, De Pedro contacted the members of the federal interblock to let them know that their leaders gave the Government an opportunity to fire judges whenever they wanted.

San Juan and Pampas were the first to sting and open a debate that immediately left the Cosmetics between the rock and the hard place. I understood that the bench could crack if he insisted on hiding the pen and gave his signature to Sergio Ziliotto, who together with Wado summoned every head of the block who had not yet decided to offer to participate in the defeat of the Government.

Hand in hand, Monz scored a partial victory with missionaries and puntanos, who had given the qurum in the budget session. The latter responded to Adolfo Rodrguez Sa, who voted against the Senate at these hours.

But I suffered again with the 6 santiagueos, that with the courts they tend to fold to the opposite place. Come receive assistance from Federico Pinedo in the Senate to appoint Senator Ada Itrrez Cappellini as a counselor, but do not believe that they must reply to greetings. There is no one to set it up.

They could only turn the balance to replace Cordovan, Macri tried to suppress Schiaretti but managed to unite with their rivals. His offer was not the best: not signing Kirchner would allow re-election to the radical Mario Negri and even opening the chance that he would be replaced in 2019 by Diego Mestre, brother of mayor Crdoba.

Camao offered to go without radical organisms, indito facts, and to look for as a substitute for pichn Martn Llaryora, with the possibility of assuming next year if he did not renew his bank. Schiaretti doesn't have much to think about.

There is so much security for Cambiemos to force him to even get internship for the allegations. Elisa Carri sent a letter to Monz asking that Juan Manuel Lpez be Tonelli's replacement and veto some of the block names. Mestre junt chose to replace Negri, but lost the commitment of his friends to replace him, but he was not alone: ​​Albor Cantard signed up to fight.

The malpractice combo closes the precedent: this blow is only possible because Macri, Monz and Massot assume the logic of choosing a counselor to add a signature and not according to the number of deputies in each block.

They were tasked with adding Tonelli and guaranteeing two-thirds, but that returned to them when the government's relationship with justice was more difficult, which was at the end of the mandate. "They do not understand that I will play against them, because all officials will have difficulty adding allies to sensitive issues like that, it must be arranged again," said a Kirchner, while enjoying victory.

If the logic of political power elections remained, Cambiemos would appoint 4 out of 6 Magistrate legislators. He was left with 2 and there was no chance to collect the two thirds needed to fire hostile judges. Macri still asks how that happened. And that is not easily explained.

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