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The case was closed due to the loss of Santiago Maldonado

November 29, 2018

This was decided by federal judge Gustavo Lleral. He also dismissed General Emmanuel Echazú. In the file, the cause of young men drowning in the Chubut river was investigated.

Federal Judge Rawson, Gustavo Lleral, ordered this Thursday closing of the case due to the loss of Santiago Maldonado and dismissed Gendarme Emmanuel Echazú, the only defendant in the file that has a mask "Enforced disappearance".

Maldonado is 28 years old and disappeared on August 1, 2017 in the middle of a eviction operation that brings an advanced Gendarmerie in the Cushamen field. You the body appeared on the Chubut River on October 17 of that year.

For this decision, the expertise created by the National Industrial Technology Institute (CORE) on a set of national identity documents (DNI) similar to those found on the body of Maldonado. The latter is in perfect condition and is included in the discussion version that the young man has been underwater for almost three months. However, CORE works show that the level of damage to DNI is compatible with this situation.

However, the family of young tattoo artists reported through a statement that they were not notified of the expertise mentioned above which was disseminated through various media. "This situation only confirms that the journalism sector is part of court decisions, forming judicial and media attacks whose main purpose is to intimidate families, provide false information and expose the State's need to close the case and ensure impunity to those responsible for disappearance. forced and the death of Santiago"They wrote.

After the court decision, Echazú was dismissed in the case that made him in his eyesight because of his role in the eviction. The Gendarme was injured in the face by a stone thrown by members of the Mapuche community Resistencia, in Cushamen, when security forces evicted part of Route 40. It was also one of the uniforms advancing towards the Chubut River towards Mapuches.

It was in this context that Maldonado threw himself into the river to escape and sink.

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