The best gift a grandmother can receive after damaging her videogame console


After passing 3,580 hours In a videogame, the console of an 87-year-old grandmother goes on strike.

The woman invested each hour on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nintendo video games that can be interpreted as real life simulations.

In the game you can build an entire city from scratch. It's about collecting materials to build new buildings and other decorative elements that will give a better view to the community.

At first the main character began arriving in a city where he had to get to know his neighbors, expand his own house, collect furniture, clothes, objects, etc.

With the hours he spent playing, the grandmother managed to build a villa full of flowers and a house like that of any other grandmother in the real world: with wicker chairs and abundant food for visits.

However, his hobby seemed to end after the Nintendo 3DS stopped working … until last Christmas he received a new one as a present.

But the biggest surprise was his grandson, who realized that his grandmother I have more than 3500 hours of accumulated gamess when exporting data from an old account to a new console. This is more than 4 years, where it is practically played every day

The grandson can't help himself and on his social network he shares photos of his grandmother's history. The users, who were overwhelmed, did not hesitate to ask him to show them how Animal Crossing villas look after hours of play.

In fact, for anyone who is interested, it is possible to see grandma's account if the following code is introduced in the game: 4E00-0126-6834.

Miss Audrey He has so much knowledge about video games that he has mastered all the tricks and has even raised a lot of money 65,509,177 bells, (currency used in the game).

The case is so much moving to social networks that netizens make the decision to raise money to buy it Nintendo Swith, the last console from a Japanese company.

It is known that a new version of Animal Crossing will be released for this console during 2019, so Audrey just has to wait a bit to continue building her charming virtual empire.


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