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The author of "The Tale of the Maid" prepared a new book

Author "The Tale of the Maid", Margaret Atwood, revealed that she was preparing for the sequel to the Upstream series "The Haindmaid's Tale" that as a dose of feminist dystopia had become an icon of feminism on television. The new story will be titled "The Testaments" and will be published according to the author in September 2019. Currently it has not exceeded what could be a sequel plot.

& # 39; The Tale of the Maid & # 39 ;: Margaret Atwood announced that she was writing a sequel to her feminist dystopia

Through a press release, Atwood reported: "Everything that I have asked about Gilead and its internal functions will be the basis of this book … Well … almost everything! Another inspiration is the world in which we live". An interesting fact about this book is that the book was fully adapted for the first season of the series, which launched the second edition of this year, in an extension favored by the author.

The final season continued with Defred's hard-line linear life at Gilead. She is a woman who is forced to serve in a very strange way of marriage that cannot have children and therefore has a heavy burden of giving offspring to one of the most powerful men in her country. Their suffering can be extended for a long time, especially since the series contemplated the events that took place outside Gilead.

While "The Testaments" moves 15 years after everything said about Atwood's first novel, which ends in an enigmatic way, which opens up the possibility that it is the work of an unreliable narrator.

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