The 10 most popular Android games at the moment


The 10 most popular Android games today and which you can't miss

2019 is just around the corner. There are still a few days to complete the year and review all that has happened in the last twelve months. Recently they made themselves known the most used and unsafe password and games and applications that make the most money in 2018. Now it's time to review The 10 most popular Android games at the moment.

Through Google Play, the 10 most popular Android games have now been announced and no users have been lost. List that leads Bintang Serang, new game from Supercell, the creator of the successful Clash Royale, among other titles. Then we leave you with the 10 most popular games on Google Play.

The 10 most popular Android games

Bintang Serang

Bintang Serang, new Supercell games, offers three to three battles where users can realize one of 15 characters available in the game, called Brawlers. As usual, each has two special abilities which can be combined with other team characters to fight for victory.

The game, completely free, has a large number of characters that can be enhanced with strength points or exclusive aspects. To add points, you must kill the rest of the people and reach the destination. The new work of the creators of Clash Royale stands out because of the game mode in the 3-on-3 game: Atrapagemas, Survive, Prize hunter, Heist andCrooked ball. 2 2 is the second installment of a successful game Voodoo where the user must be conquer all areas that you can to win for competition. Game mode is multiplayer and that is a title where players will develop their abilities synchronization and competition.

With some basic graphics, the style of play is io, and you only need to point the box on the touch screen to claim a large part of the game map. This is necessary win more territory, Which can be neutral or rival, just surround it completely. Other users will do the same, so you must be very careful not to lose your area.

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook, the new MadBox game, is an addictive title where users must be addicted make a great leap to avoid all obstacles that blocks your path. The players realize Stickman, Which must complete a level that increases difficulty every time.

The purpose is complete all levels with the same agility as spiders. The mechanics are simple, to be addictive and make jumps so you only need to touch the screen, and thus avoid all the obstacles on the road. That game available for free on Google Play.


You can now play Minecraft for Android for free with the new test mode

Minecraft This is one of the most popular video games today. Karya Mojang recently launched a trial version for Android devices, and that has a usage deadline **. Inside, users can play for free and exclusively into Minecraft Survival mode.

The trial version offers the possibility of obtaining a full set from the main menu, even though during the match too some reminders will be launched. With this mode users can try one of the most popular games of all time.

Drive and Park

Drive and Park, a game for Android

Drive and Park follow a simple mechanic. The aim of this game is nothing but to park the vehicle without colliding. The better and cleaner the parking process, the more scores the user will get. This game, which can also be installed for free, has a various kinds of cars.

Players will go over the level, which increases difficulty, and makes money buy and collect new cars. In addition, the level will move the player to a trip around the world. A simple title that serves to assume the best in the world in a car park.


Polysphere This is the new puzzle game help train your brain. The mechanism of the title is simple, the user has to slide his finger on the mobile screen turn the puzzle until you see a full picture.

The title is enough experience 3D puzzles that, in addition to training your mind, it also functions to relax and enjoy some masterpieces. The title is completely free for installation from Google Play.

Rise up

Rise up is a free arcade title where players must protect the globe with a shield while riding. To do this, you have to move the shield with your finger and clear the way because it rises higher and higher. Besides that, there are also certain ones obstacles by avoiding.

Controlling the shield is very easy, but getting a high score is not easy. The game stands out for that simple controls and unlimited game modes where you can challenge other friends to see who gets the highest score.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump This is one of the most popular video games today. Created by Voodoo, which is repeated in the list, this action title invites users to live an adventure with bouncing balls through a maze shaped like a propeller tower, and where you have to avoid obstacles.

The controls are simple, with a simple touch you can move the ball. Besides that, the game has some rich visual effects and game mechanics that are quite addictive. Titles can be installed for free from Google Play.

Popular War

Popular War, developed by Lion Studios, is an action game The goal is none other than becoming popular. The mechanics are simple, you only need to collect followers from anywhere on the map. You can too take followers of other players to eliminate them and direct hundreds of people to prove who the boss is.

This game has a algorithm of a bunch of high and super technology dynamic and destructive environment. Free titles that offer a number of hours of fun and make you know what it's like to be popular.

Battle of Golf

Battle of Golf is a sports game where you can challenge real players from all over the world in the battle of golf. With easy and intuitive controls, The goal is to defeat your opponent and prove that you are the king of the golf course. The title offers 1-on-1 games or with up to 6 friends.

In addition, it has several game modes. From classic mode where you have to get into the hole with the smallest number of shots possible career mode, where you have to run to the hole as fast as possible. The game has more than 60 holes, various fields and levels and lets you level up and collect and update sticks and special balls.

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