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Teach unemployment in rejecting salary proposals | Chronicle

The Buenos Aires Faculty Unity Front announced that it would strike an activity on Monday, December 3, after rejecting an additional 2 percent increase in December and a bonus of 7,000 pesos that the governor of Buenos Aires would finally María Eugenia Vidal decided to be given to the teacher for "don't exclude them"of what the rest of the country will wear.

"In April, the governor (Maria Eugenia Vidal) assured that the teachers would not lose against inflation. Today, after 20 meetings and 11 proposals, teachers experience a salary loss of around 15%", convinced the president of the Federation of Educators in Buenos Aires (FEB), Mirta Petrocini.

The government proposal that became official at the joint meeting held in La Plata reflected on increasing basic salaries and all components that make up salaries so that the salaries of each teacher, regardless of their position and seniority, increased in 2018. progressive in the following percentage: 5% since January; 8% in March; 10% in May; 13% since June; 15% in July; 19% of August; 30% in October and 32% in December.

According to the government, including teaching materials "a teacher's initial salary with teaching materials ranging from 12,500 pesos to 16,710 and the average salary rises from 24,659 to 32,865 and with presenteeism of 17,210 and 33,365."

Teachers grouped on the Unity Buenos Aires Front Unity announced a strike for the next 3 December and denounced "adjustments in Public Education, and the flexibilization of labor plans which manifest themselves in the freezing of positions that have occurred in recent years. At the same time, the number of workers continued to decline (due to sick leave, pensions) and the number of temporary workers increased."Petrocini explained in a statement.

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