Surprising direct offerings from elngel de Brito to Rocío Oliva become "angels"


The LAM driver learned that the former Maradona was watching the program and made the offer.

Elngel de Brito offers Rocío Oliva an angel of LAM

Panel Los Angeles in the morning have hot women and each with their style, plays a central role in the cycle Dengel de Brito. In the last emission, the driver tried no less than that Rocío Oliva to become one of his "little angels".

Angel: "Tell Rocío Oliva that Lourdes is on vacation, if she doesn't want to replace her the week she goes on vacation."

"Did Rocío pay attention to us? He did not want to come see us here directly?" Karina Iavícoli He said that soccer players watched the program. "Give time," was the response of the panelist, who was in a dialogue with the former Maradona polemicist via WhatsApp. "Decile to Rocío Oliva that Lourdes takes a vacation, if she doesn't want to replace it the week she goes on vacation, "Angel added, submitted the offer.

What does "angelitas" think about the possibility of Rocio at LAM? "I like it," Lourdes said, echoing while Andrea Taboada triggered the possibility with "would it be very expensive?"

Will this come? Rocío Oliva as a new angel LAM?


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