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Summit for sanctions on Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi rested in the Caribbean, unaware of the noise that was happening around him. He took pictures with Antonela Roccuzzo and their three children, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro on the white sand beaches of Antigua and Barbuda. Enjoy life, while versions intersect at AFA, Casa Rosada, and Conmebol. On Tuesday, in short, there will be a closed meeting which will be key in this regard: Claudio Tapia will travel to Asuncion, summoned by the Council of continental bodies and will meet face to face with Alejandro Domínguez. There is tension between the main ball home in Argentina and the South American Football Confederationl. In the middle is a rosarino crack, evicted before Chile and aiming for a high plane that benefits Brazil. In words that do not offer a double reading: "corruption".

Far from being at peace with the National Government, which, through close associates, there will be an offer of apology from Messi, AFA is still ready. He did not change an inch from the letter that Tapia sent to Dominguez on July 3. The head of the AFA questions the "ethical principles, loyalty and transparency" of the Paraguayan leaders. That's why Conmebol wants an explanation.

At Casa Rosada they did not want a short circuit with the Luque entity. In particular, after the Mercosur Summit, held in Santa Fe, where Mauricio Macri, Tabaré Vázquez, Mario Abdo and Sebastián Piñera signed a joint offer agreement for the 2030 World Cup.

Chiqui is not in harmony with Balcarce 50. There is a difference of opinion about the Superliga, which was promoted by the Government, decree 12/12 and believes that Macri paved the way for Ivan Duque, president of Colombia, for the Copa America 2020 final on the land of coffee. Something they rejected near the leader of Together for Change. Tapia, then, did not see beyond the horizon proposed by Eliminatories.

He also has a relationship that exceeds the president-player with Messi and considers that the red card for the incident with Gary Medel is inappropriate and must be canceled. Until now, the AFA only responded to the expulsion of views by expulsion, the normal procedure before disciplinary sanctions. And don't plan to move forward until the Conmebol Ethics Committee is issued. According to disciplinary regulations, the Argentina captain can receive two years of suspension for violating paragraph d) article 20 and an economic fine of 50 thousand dollars.

In the event that blood reaches the river, the AFA has an ace on its arm: it will say that the player is "hot" for arbitration and that he never refers to "Conmebol" attached to the word "corruption". Will it reach to reduce sanctions? At a minimum, be exposed to two suspension dates in direct red official game products.
Not surprising in the survival of Lionel Scaloni, but the stakes are still risky

In a letter sent by Tapia, he included criticisms of arbitration, VAR, security and status of the playing field. According to the AFA, it is not the only federation that is upset about this problem, but no other leader has publicly stated it.

Together with Tapia, Dominguez and all federation holders will depend on Messi's future. After all, everything is politics in football as in life.

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