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Stefy Xipolitakis: "Federico Bal psychologically tortures me"

Saturday, December 29, 2018 10:15

Summer starts quite complicated Fede Bal. Even though he aired the magazine with his parents, and he was very happy with his life at the professional level, the actor's first media experience would not be very beneficial to his image.

Fede Bal He uses cellphones with Intruders and talks, among other things, about his relationship with Nazarena Vélez and his ex-girlfriend, Barbie In addition to clarifying that he had no intention of passing one of the two, the director talked about his trial with the theater producer,

Always alert to everything that happened around her daughter, Nazarena Vélez shot again at Federico, increasing tension in the living room Incorrectas.

"Barbie is divine, but this person is not healthy, she has an obsession with my daughter no matter how hard she says no. Back to give Barbie a reason", he raised The Nazarene, who also clarified that the trial had not been as he said: "I did not lose anything with him, he took me to a criminal trial to slander and insult, asking me to apologize in public, I did not want to see his face and in my life I would apologize. Do not close the peak ?, he went to the other side and nobody fucked her ".

When listening to stories The Nazarene, Stefy Xipolitakis He felt touched and decided to break the silence. In 2014, infantile entertainers and actors separated between strong rumors of violence, something that finally confirmed this afternoon.

"I have a conflict with him, he is mentally psychopathic, we have a very short relationship with Federico (he and Carmen) are people who lie, they want to keep you like crazy, I never told you in my life," he began to tell infantile cheerleaders, adding: "On my face he said something to me, from behind he made me look bad with everyone, he made me cry, he tortured me psychologically, they were the family that made me leave the theater season in Buenos Aires. They hit, they threw object towards him. "



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