Stars led by Guillermo in Los Angeles


Guillermo Barros Schelotto he prepared for a new challenge. The coach is responsible for technical direction Angel of the Galaxy, one of the most popular teams on Major League Soccer. At that time, the California franchise grew thanks to major additions like David Beckham or Steven Gerard, and the tradition of combining numbers is still alive in American players.

Former coach Mouth direct the great footballers who are in the eplog of their careers. No doubt, the most resonant name this team has is the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sweden arrived in mid-2018 to the most important city in California and bought one page in the most important newspaper in Los Angeles to write anything, giving a clear example of his ego, something that Guillermo had to deal with.

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Another great football player who plays at Los Angeles institutions is Ashley Cole. The England defender is one of the references from the American team. He came to the club in 2016 from Rome and still remains one of the most important players on the team. In fact, in the last season he started almost all the matches played by the new team Barros Schelotto.

Brothers Giovanni and Jonathan Dos Santos, who were trained in La Masa, and with greater international projections than others, decided to leave European football to settle in the United States. Gio arrived at Galxy in mid-2015 and is one of the oldest on campus. While his brother joined the team two years later.

With this way, Guillermo have to deal with a team with lots of numbers, something similar to what happened in Boca. However, the main aspect to improve was football since the California team finished seventh in the Western Conference and remained out of the playoffs and their season ended much earlier than the rest of the team in Major League Soccer. Therefore, Barros Schelotto You will have many jobs in the United States.


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