Sol Prez dispar against British angels: "There are always haters


Previous Sol and ngel de Brito They become very bad. From that moment I defended the words of Jorge Lanata and Marcelo Longobardi about the blonde and showed his agreement with him, Sol could not even see him. Even though it seems like a forgotten confrontation, climate exchicaI returned to the charges in the dialogue with Catalina's Agarrate for the tenth Eleven / City Radio.

I happened to be that one day they took screenshots of cellphones in America, and insisted that De Brito said I was round and now I had to show that I was more than just cul *. I would be happy if I said something, reacted, because he was in the middle and he said nothing, I said Catalina Dlugi was very angry.

I suffer from bulimia as a girl, the comments you register and then think that you have to be thinner. They want to impose a perfect and unhealthy body, claiming unexpectedly suitable girl, about the demands of adaptation to current beauty and the damage that can be caused to many people.

Then he added: There are always haters, because someone produces love and hate. And then Sun I comment again sper furiosa: It pisses me off when they want to attack someone because of their physical appearance or figure, because there are many girls and many boys who suffer from anorexia and bulimia.

Finally, star criticizing the dual discourse on the press. After what happened to Thelma (Fardin), the same media that supports comments like: friend, is Sol Prez. Then they hang #MirCmoNosPonemos. What hipcrita is is television and medium. This suits you siding with the woman, but you are the first person who doesn't respect her, she's done sobri from Prez violence


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