Thursday , October 21 2021

ShowMatch 2018: Mica Viciconte monopolizes the program and returns to fight Laurita Fernández


Participants and Laurita Fernández held a new confrontation Credit: Laflia Press

After being saved by the jury "

Dancing to dream

"In the Cumbia duel, he returned to the track

Micaela Viciconte

. The model said that he was in the gala with Nicole Neumann, but they did not break the words. He also announced that this summer his debut as a star at the company Carmen Barbieri. Then, yes, with Nacho Saraceni dancing to the rhythm of "I will steal you" from Prince Royce.

After seeing them,

Elngel de Brito

(6) said: "I love you as a participant, outside the media, what I like is that you evolve, you were a baggage last year, you are not a professional dancer, but it is not cool to praise you. What I miss is more sensuality, more chemistry between you.

The owner of the secret voice in this bachata round,

Laurita Fernández

, he said later: "I like the choreography and appearance too, I see great evolution in the hands, but from the hip down, it doesn't have more movement, generally looks very good and I see great progress".

"I like what you wear and look like this: with a more sexual attitude, you have to let go more and let sensuality appear in the dance," he said.

Florence Peña

(6) Finally,

Marcelo Polino

(3) he recommends Viciconte: "You have a peak and you have followers, get it, play more in this month than you have, because in dance you are at a disadvantage.

Although there were no judges who gave high ratings, the media were angry again – with Laurita Fernandez, whose voice had not been announced. So, once again, the two blondes crossed in a new battle in the air and finally accused each other of not having self-criticism. Surprisingly,

Lourdes Sánchez

came out to defend Fernandez.

Then, Tinelli wanted to know the opinion of the head coach to find out if they thought that the dancers had self-criticism. "In general, this year, the participants could not stand the criticism of the jury and have been much disrespected," Lolo said and released the new Viciconte outbreak.

When the couple's coach asked for BAR's evaluation, the last word was Sanchez, who this time was closer to the contestant's position: "Mika, it's true that you don't have a bit of sensuality, but your participants are the most evolved people, technically it's very good" , so he announced that, with a separate decision, BAR decided to add one point. Then, the pair reached rank 16.

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