Sharp comments by Lourdes Sánchez about Laurita Fernández: "He is not a professional at the Bailando judges"


One of the puzzles that De Brito raised at the beginning Angels in the morning That is the jury's suitability from Super Dancing 2019. Quickly, the panelists began asking questions to find out the names of the characters where he thought about production ShowMatch

"Are there professional dancers?"ask Lourdes Sánchez. "Like Laurita (Fernández) This year "Said Mariana Brey.

"No, professional, Laurita at the jury is unprofessional, she forgets to dance", shoot Lourdes. "There will be no dance professionals", Angel told him, who later confirmed that the people appointed to join the court of the figures were him, Pampita, Florencia Peña and Marcelo Polino.

Remember that Laurita, according to the LAM driver, wants to be in the competition next year as a participant.


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