Seram: Carolina Papaleo tells about the mistreatment experienced by her ex-husband – 12/28/2018


Carolina Papaleo He speaks openly at "Wrong"(America) and told of the bad situation of the persecution he received from his ex-husband (Mario Río, whom he never mentioned) and the father of his son, Matías.

In the driving cycle Moria Casán they deal with the subject Juan Darthés and complaints by rape what the actress does Thelma Fardin before Nicaraguan Justice. At one point of debate, Moria asked Carolina who shared his own experience as a victim of male abuse. Panelists accept the proposal and move with hard testimony.

"What I suffered was a marriage to my son's father," said Carolina Papaleo, explaining how the event developed with her ex: "It began with a scene of jealousy at him. My friends, teaching staff … The last straw that spilled glasses was when he did one season in Carlos Paz, he told me: & # 39;If your mother (Irma Roy) doesn't leave, you're not premier. & # 39; He will say to me: "If I go down, and your mother is still at home, I will shoot you (your child) from the tenth floor& # 39; "

Next Carolina Papaleo He said that to avoid the drama, he had to ask his mother, Irma Roy, to leave the house. According to him, he begged his mother and friends: "Get rid of this person from me"

Everything, without knowing "how to get rid of all that madness", as defined by Carolina, they thought of a way to achieve it." The plan is for me to remain humble, to do what I believe in everything, because when he starts to go crazy, I will go down, "he recalls. Carolina Papaleo.

The actress continued to detail the hell she was living at that time, when she admitted, he thought he would die"When my friends came to my house and we had fun, he called me and he said he would burn the house with everyone in it, that I will vilifyI will not be able to work. "

After leaving the house, he explained Carolina Papaleo, he goes to his mother. So, the father of his son also went there After taking the child, he threatened him by saying that he would not see the child again. After hiring an investigator, Carolina Papaleo found her son, filed an appropriate complaint, and asked the boy's father to take a restrictive action.


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