Saturday , July 24 2021

San Lorenzo continues in crisis: losing at home to Atletico Tucumán

The solidity of Atlético Tucumán is too much for the weak San Lorenzo of Jorge Almirón, who in his second presentation as DT – the first before his audience -, finished losing with a blunt 2-0 score.

The meeting, awaiting the seventh Superliga date, was completed by Tucuman's team in the first round with a goal from Pulga Rodríguez, from a penalty kick, and a goal from outside the penalty box, after excellent maneuverability right-back José San Román.

In the first half, San Lorenzo stood with five players in the center (Botta, Belluschi, Insaurralde, Rojas and Merlini) and only Nicolás Reniero at the top. The local then handles the ball, but the result is not right. The Tucuman tried to steal the ball in the middle and get out of the counterattack, looking for space to press to the right and get hurt.

But both teams did not come with depth. In the 15th minute the first dangerous game of San Lorenzo was recorded, after a free kick on the left, sent by Fernando Belluschi, who grabbed Ruben Botta's head and managed to hold back the effort of goalkeeper Christian Lucchetti. While in the 21st minute Merlini stole the ball in the middle, he projected himself among the Atlético defenders and was properly defined in a large area, but the ball He brushed aside the crossbar.

Until Abero's 21st minute was filtered to the left, Coloccini closed his face but Tucuman's player finished and hit Cuervo's defender in his hand, so referee Ariel Penel agreed a penalty by Luis Rodríguez on Navarro was correct, which was deflected with the tip of his fingers, bouncing off the pole, he swerved on his right arm and go to the network.

The goal has a strong impact on the Barca spirit. The tucumanos took advantage of it and at 38 minutes expand the difference thanks to a goal from San Román. The defender faces the right of attack, one step outside the area, connects with Manuel Insaurralde and takes the cross right Navarro was surprised.

Without doing too much, visits are marked twice thanks to their effectiveness. San Lorenzo, orderly but without depth, at Merlini is the most active player in the team that is not right.

Almirón assumes the last date in a goalless draw at the Velez field and now comes the classic with the sublime Huracán, again at the New Gasometer.

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