Monday , July 26 2021

Rossi confirmed that San Juan felt good and remained with the first series

Without fast or strong classification, the lime product that organizes the circuit thrown to repair the track, Matías Rossi (Ford) has been sought for the first series at the Villicum autodrome, the 14th of the season's designation

Rossi doubled in front of Leonel Pernia (Torino) at the first corner after the start and made a difference in the first meter, but when they opened the first lap (the length in front of the opposite), Tanito began to approach and soon he was behind.

Even though one of Tandil is looking to take a tip on every braking, shows him Torino with a different angle, the missile survives and adds five points. "I was happy because we won but pity about how the track was, I couldn't walk, I didn't have a handle and when I came out it seemed we were running with rain, but it was nobody's fault, the circuit was destroyed, the autodrome people understood that this is the best way to fix it and we are injured. We don't need to make mistakes and we have to be patient because we know it will be slow, I hope we can finish it well and go to the podium, " He holds the winner.


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