Rolo Sartorio, from La Beriso, was criticized on the network for his comments on homosexuality and vegan – 1/22/2019


Many artists usually talk to the public and remember their tour stories in the middle of their recitals. However, what is seen This week at dawn on the property located on the side of provincial route No. 5 on Wrong, Cordova, surprise everyone.

Is that, again, leader Beriso, Rolando Rolo Sartorio (45), made his own stage and then destroyed it on social networks.

Two months arrested his followers at a concert at the Velez stadium, when parts of the community began to insult the president Mauricio Macri (59), now vocalist Avellaneda he made homophobic comments, shoot one cataracts insulting the political class and mocking the vegans.

"This reminds me of the partner my friend said, Actually it's a story about him (he saw musicians), "the singer began in his presentation this weekend.

And then he asked his fans: "Are there children, are there children?"But he repented and said:"No, I will not tell … Unless they raise their hands … if not, I don't tell. You are in charge of the children … they are an anecdotal tour"

One of the last photos posted by Sartorio on Instagram.

One of the last photos posted by Sartorio on Instagram.

And when the public encouraged him to tell the story, Sartorio continued: "He told me that he went with a girl, had dinner, bowled and then ended up in the apartment, then when the girl's outfit … (gestures). Yes, he is he said, "surprise!" and he said what kind of surprise? & # 39; That's put … he ate it … Ha, ha, ha … he's really fucking, boludo, he's not, his girlfriend … "

After telling the story out of context and not at all funny, it was welcomed by those present, Rolo he complained about people's sensitivity.

"Today everything is very sensitive … yes, everything I say falls as ortho to everyone, the truth is that they all went to wash donkeys and were ready, or not? You can't talk about anything today … "he said at the time.

And he continued: "There are children who starve themselves but not, I don't know … but that they go to their mother's skin. The day I shut up I will stop singing, son, I have a full egg. Manga ***, damn hypocrites. People today, people yesterday and people 50 years ago who came to us stole their mother's shell ".

At that time, the audience applauded him and it seemed like this gave him more strength. "And then they jumped into the asshole saying that we have a political flag. What flag if they took us 50 years ago, Boludo? What can be said of a political flag, your mother's skin! God … fundamentalists. Chau, I will sing the song and I will leave for a while because I start talking and then they blame me, children of a thousand prostitutes, "he added angrily.

But before starting to sing again, Rolo too It was sent beautifully to those who care about environmental care and do not consume products that come from animals.

"I'll tell you something so you know: a lot of parsley says they pollute the river and it's very good and then they go and put Infinia naphtha (to your vehicle), don't you realize that it comes from oil? "asked the artist.

He added: "It seems they are fundamentalists, they become vegan, you see how they are …"But at the right time, someone from the audience shouted and Rolo said:"There is a vegan! Well please step back, Here we eat grilled meat and wine, father, don't damage my ball … cucumber we already know (sign again) … to taste and piacere each … ".

On social networks, many users defend musicians. "You jerk, God, is a perfect retrograde and fundamentalist representation of an Argentine", commented a young man at YouTube Right below the video the La Beriso recital part is Embalse.

"What surprised you about this bastard? If he speaks more than nonsense, to supplement with the public who follows him … wash or …, Rolo … ", think of other users of that social network.

Meanwhile, the third said: "Who is this straw … He wants to make a big lorio by becoming a democrat, What are bananas, please …"


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