Rocío Oliva speaks, unfiltered, about his relationship with Diego Maradona – 01/21/2019


"The relationship is over. Bad things happen, and things are good too. I closed the door and I didn't need to say anything about him"he stated Rocío Oliva, about his recent breakup from Diego Maradona. When practicing on River with a women's soccer team, Oliva he confessed in the telephone dialogue with Forward Lozano in "Every afternoon" (The Nine)

"Today I'm fine, I've prepared this, the price is very expensive," he said. Rocío Oliva at that time what was considered "a chiquilinada" said which of the two made the decision to separate.

"I have been with Diego since I was 22 years old," he continued. Rocío Oliva– Sometimes, I don't see myself without him, so I prepare myself for this, to do what I want and what I like. "Keep in mind that Dew He began studying in the distant DT career when he lived in Dubai with Diego and he would complete the training.

To be honest, he expressed relief in the fact that he would not be so exposed to the media again: "I always expect blows or questions, or that I must be blamed for everything that happens. An uncomfortable situation," he said. Rocío Oliva.

At present, because he himself admits, Oliva lives with his mother at home, which according to Diego Maradona he will take. Regarding the situation, he explained: "We believe nothing will happen because we already know what it is (Diego)."

As for the possibility he did some economic claims, Rocío Oliva He replied: "Right now I am not thinking about that, there are things I need to know and I have to tell myself, and from there, I will analyze what I can and want to do"

After, Oliva He added: "I don't want to ask anything (to Diego Maradona) Today you asked me, and what happened I was at another stage of my life, with my family, my friends, doing things with good to be able to move forward ".

When they ask about upgrading about Diego Maradona and Verónica Ojeda are again in pairs, Rocío Oliva replies: "Whether you can be with him or not is something they will know, the reality is that a lot of things happen between them, many things are said, and sometimes, when things like this, they cost a lot, but I don't know, that's not mine that will be with him is he, he will know what he is doing. "

On the other hand, Dew He flatly denied this Diego Maradona has committed physical violence against him. "If that happens, I will say it or I will not allow it, I will not stay silent," he said. Here, video conversation.


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