Roberto Piazza, unfiltered against Mirtha Legrand: "I feel sorry, poor woman" – 01/21/2019


On the table Mirtha Legrand (91) This week, guests debated the treatment he had in the country Bill on Voluntary Pregnancy Disorders.

At the time, Sol Pérez (25) highlighted having seen and heard "things that were hard enough" by some legislators who opposed the decriminalization of abortion in Argentina.

"I don't remember who said that if you were raped, a relative was not a violation, the things you say: it's violent and you have to eliminate it, things can't happen in Congress, "said the first vedette magazine New Together.

"I say it … a Roberto Piazza", was launched at that time Mirtha."No, no, they said it in Congress", the former weather girl explained." No, but I made a comment that I regretted", explained the famous television presenter.

And he explained: "Suddenly your life says one thing that comes out and then you have to go back and regret it… I comment to him if gay marriage adopts a boy if sometimes the boy can be abused, misplaced at all. I I'm sorry when I say something wrong and I'm sorry. Well, I'm sorry. "

After that, Roberto, who is currently in Madrid with her husband, Walter Vázquez, for new projects in fashion and music, his other desires, he made a strong release on social networks.

"From Madrid, my dear Mirtha Legrand I tell you again that what you said was very painful and I love you even as a mother or aunt, but for me personally you don't apologize"Starting to say Piazza on his Instagram account.

And finished: "You apologize to the gay community and I'm not a communityI am Robertito when I meet you, bastard who came from Santa Fe and I have been by your side for years and You hurt me in the worst part of my life and we were never able to clarify it, but you taught me to be a memory and only those who were violated for 10 years, from 6 to 17, who knew their suffering and you don't help me, because nobody did more than me and my soul. Too bad for you … "

Besides that, in the dialog with Clarin, famous fashion designer, actor, singer and writer explained what he felt when he saw Mirtha's Sunday program and told him the ins and outs of his anger with divas.

Roberto Piazza made a strong defense against Mirtha Legrand on the network. (Instagram)

Roberto Piazza made a strong defense against Mirtha Legrand on the network. (Instagram)

"He it always touches my soul, I knew him when I was 21 years old, I was almost like a fake child and one day because of rank or madness … I met him of the same age as my mother, and my mother would never ask questions like that ", was the first Roberto's words with this media.

And he continued: "We are two fields, Santa Fe, with the same parenting and with the same Santa Fe mentality, we are not from the European aristocracy, it really hurts me because I really loved him at the time ".

After mentioning the unfortunate question submitted by Legrand in 2010, the artist recalled the repeated sexual abuse he suffered from his brother during his childhood and said: "The wound never closes and back yesterday … he said it was a mistake, This is a terrible mistake from what he said to me but when he apologized he did it to the homosexual community. "

Besides that, Roberto assured that until that day (for the last interview Mirtha had done to him in his program) the diva called him every day. "He asked me to borrow clothes, to make clothes for him and I went to lunch"I have fun with him," he admitted.

Then, he explained that among them "never" there was neither yes nor no. "And asking about that terrible thing surprised me, it hurt me and the whole community was hurt … that's a very toxic end-level question"he explained.

"Not only did he not call me, he never answered me again, because he owned my cellphone and I always invited him, I sent him a letter saying to him 'let's cut it here, Mirtha, don't continue all of this & # 39;, just two years ago he thanked me on television for the crystal gift I made and no parade, "said the haute fashion designer.

Roberto Piazza with her husband, Walter, before leaving for Spain. (Instagram)

Roberto Piazza with her husband, Walter, before leaving for Spain. (Instagram)

-What concept do you have about him now?

-It seems too arrogant because when you are too friends or friends of someone you don't ask forgiveness to the homosexual community. I am Roberto and he never apologized to me, he did not call me. If he is rather clever, he or grandson, even if it is ranked, it would be better to call and cut me off with this situation, with boiling water that always flows with this question for him, it is unfortunate and very bad for me.

– What did you feel this Sunday when you heard him talk about you?

– When I heard it hurt me because it was like screwing me again. In his words showing pride, it still impresses and (has) a degree of pride with the slightest guilt that cannot be released. That requires psikonal therapy. It makes me sad, poor woman, because at the age of one assumes that someone is better, more understanding and container, nothing is more painful and more intense.

-But he said he was sorry and admitted that it was a misplaced comment …

-I recognize it out of context, because what Sol said has nothing to do with what he said to me, and on the one hand I have a level of satisfaction but I also feel sorry for removing dirt from many people who are having a very difficult time, I passed them.

Near the end of the interview with this media, Piazza returns to the point of opposing the lunch diva, which is called "extraordinary" and says she is afraid. "O afraid of facing me, from being human to being human, to clarifying situations or embracing and being excited … will leave the world and will live in the memory of Argentina with the resemblance he said even though I never said anything about him, or his family, or anything, "he concluded.


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