Road Tourism: Matías Rossi received strong sanctions after the controversial definition of the Gold Cup – 12-26/2018


Matías Rossi will miss the first two dates of the 2019 TC season because of the suspension applied by the Road Tourism Corridors Association (ACTC) as a result of his statement before and after the final test of the year, which was run in San Nicolás and where the Gold Cup was determined.

ACTC Advisory and Supervisory Commission not only applying two dates of suspension, but also a fine of 200,000 pesos pilot Del Viso, who had questioned the sentence that had been applied by the sports commissioner after the first series played on Sunday 9 December, before the final ended by fighting for Agustín Canapino.

Rossi, who has reached that date as leader of the Gold Cup, he won the first series in San Nicolás, but then he was refilled with a post because of dangerous maneuvers at first against Dodge from Jonatan Castellano, another pilot who fought for the title and finally remained in first place in the battery.

"That's embarrassing. I think that a lot of injustice has happened to me and they will stop, but no, there is always something that goes beyond everything that happens. This is one of the biggest thefts in my sports career. It was incomprehensible what Castellano was doing, he preferred to define the championship on the table. I don't understand the determination of the sports commissioners ", fired the Del Viso pilot after the servants' decision and before the final was played.

After the race was conditioned by rain, which Alan Ruggiero won and allowed Canapino (in second place) to rise to his third title, Rossi, who is at number 12, wrote on his Twitter account: "Today I suffer from one of the biggest thefts in my sports career, unfair penalties in series, taking chances ".

The missile also claimed due to lack of sanctions "in time and form" to pilots who before the final commencement entered the pit to change tires when it started raining on the circuit. The 2014 season champion considers that the curator's actions have been "Disaster, unfair and lacking in level".

As a result of this statement, Rossi was called to testify on Wednesday before the Advisory and Supervisory Commission at the ACTC headquarters, but he preferred not to appear. A few moments later the suspension was notified.


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