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Ricardo Darwin's funny response to a fan on Twitter

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December 29, 2018

This prestigious actor answers Twitter followers in a very special way.

Ricardo Darin is the most important actor in the film Argentina and he always managed to get a smile from his followers social networking.

In the last hours, the famous told a fan who asked him to greet him for his birthday.

"Today is my birthday and I want you to greet me @selenagomez or @BombitaDarin I ask a lot?" Aixa Meli in your account Twitter, as some people do with their idols and they don't respond often. In most opportunities, these messages are ignored and lost on the web.

However, Ricardo Darín He preferred to obey his fans' requests and less than an hour later he responded with his distinctive sense of humor: "Hi, I'm Selena and I wish you a happy birthday! Kiss."
The Tweet resulted in the approval of his followers, who celebrated the Oscar-winning movement with Their Secret Eyes & # 39;

"Now I just need to be welcomed by Ricardo!"; "Eveeeer best birthday greetings !!!"; "You are a genius, I hope the others imitate your people's gifts"; "Today is my birthday, also Selena Darin", are some of the responses received by the actor's publications.

Remember that in the past few weeks, this artist gave interviews where he referred Florence Bas, his wife. "You have to feed the couple every day, and I don't think it's just about sending flowers. Things that were planned beforehand don't work. To maintain freshness, you have to listen to others, take care of them and make them pay attention, and not fall into the routine. , "the actor analyzed.

"And you need sincerity, have the courage to fight if necessary, and not fall into the right politics to swallow and swallow until it explodes," the protagonist added Wild tales.

Reporter Nando Salvá He then commented: "No doubt you know what he is talking about. He has been with the same woman for 30 years."

"No, it's not the same. Florence keeps changing, in a permanent movement. Every day it amazes me, it's amazing. She is a woman who doesn't allow you to do any routine. Saying that she has given meaning to my life means failure; , he saved me, "answered Darín in a note for Newspaper.

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