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Remaining WhatsApp ?: Use the new mode "Outside the office"

WhatsApp messaging application every day is more popular in the world. For this reason, in many cases and times it often happens that the user's smartphone is filled with messages and content from different contacts and groups.

However, there is a secret function that allows users to better manage their time and to respond to messages that are received in a better way.

In fact, of course, on more than one occasion the user wants to have the opportunity to automatically respond to the large number of dialogues held every day.

To fulfill this desire, there is an application called Away (Automatic Response Application) which can be downloaded from PlayStore and is valid for use with WhatsApp and all messaging applications.

Away allows you to configure smart responses, keep responding to the same person, adjust automatic response times, or configure delay response times or respond once.

On the other hand, the application has a very useful "driving mode", which detects when we move driving a vehicle and, automatically, sends a reply to a message received.

Likewise, this tells the publisher that the user is driving and that he cannot respond.

Away allows you to choose which contacts will receive our automatic responses exclusively.

It also offers the opportunity to change those contacts at any time.


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