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DELTAPATAGONIA he came to agreement with YPF to acquire 124 agricultural service and service stations. With this operation, it will bring Argentina to the Gulf brand, a pioneer in the world of service stations, becoming the first commercial brand to open service stations for motorists in the United States. The transaction included sales by YPF of 124 sales points, including service stations and agroservice in 17 Argentine provinces. Ignacio Hermida, president, said: "With this purchase operation and the future investment in the brand and station image that we think about invest in the next 5 years more than USD 22 million ".

CERÁMICA SAN LORENZO, porcellanatos company, floor and ceramic tiles announced $ 565 million investment in technology for the production of ceramics and porcellanatos at its factory in Argentina. This operation is an addition to the $ 156 million invested since May 2017. This effort will enable it to increase the national production capacity of polished porcelain tiles by 40%, and increase the current grinding capacity 6 times. In addition, this is a production process that is responsible for dealing with the environment because it eliminates the consumption of water and gas used in conventional processes. These changes benefit the competitive and quality production that can be exported. From this investment, plans to supply not only the Argentine market but countries such as Chile and Peru, which has high demand for these items.

ICBC ARGENTINA open branches during 2018. Five of them are located in the porteño neighborhood of Palermo, Villa Devoto, Belgrano and Parque Patricios, while the other three are located in the cities of Mar del Plata, in Rosario and Nordelta, Tigre's party. With this opening, there are 117 branches throughout the country.

BNA, Banco de la Nación Argentina, and the Ministry of Justice and the provincial Human Rights Secretariat from Buenos Aires signed a agreement with the aim of facilitating access to finance for people who have regained their freedom and who have been placed in different Buenos Aires Penitentiary Units. BNA, through the line "" Loans for those who have completed the Vocational Training Course, "will offer loans of up to $ 90,400 (8 Minimum Living and Moving Wages), for up to 18 months, for the acquisition of machines, equipment and specific inputs, which are needed to carry out the activities they trained in the professional training courses carried out in the Inclusion Program in the New Universal Work Culture that Integrates Work Resources and Education.The firm participated, BNA president, Javier González Fraga and Buenos Aires provincial Minister of Justice, Gustavo Ferrari, and vice president second, Agustín Pesce and its director, Jorge Lawson and Secretariat officials.

AFARTE, The Association of Argentine Electronic Factory Terminals, estimates that AC production in 2018 reaches one million units. This means a decrease of 70 thousand units compared to 2017. Sales (according to GFK data, projected at the end of the year) will decrease by 16% YoY. A very hard estimate for 2019 production is between 800 and 850 thousand units, based on the fact that the market could show some maturity from its peak in 2015, when it produced 1.8 million units. The current economic context, with a decline in consumer purchasing power and several financing options, and the beginning of the last month of this year with low temperatures for historical averages: it was the coldest December in 19 years, according to data from the National Meteorological Service. Because it appears from a clear analysis of demand (production and import) domestic manufacturing parts exceed 85 percent.

BANCO CIUDAD and RENAPER (National Registry of Person), under the Ministry of Home Affairs, signs a agreement for online access to DNI authentication and validity services, which will accelerate the completion of banking procedures and processes, improve services and the quality of lending services. The signing of the agreement, held this afternoon at the Casa Rosada Shield Hall, was attended by Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio, and City Bank President, Javier Ortiz Batalla, accompanied by the National Director of National Registration for People. , Juan D & Amico; general director of RENAPER Information Technology, Flavio Brocca; and Deputy City Commercial General Manager, Maximiliano Coll.

CNV, National Securities Commission, report that FDI, a financial advisory company that since 1998 management assets and family assets and institutional investors live in major countries in Latin America, the US and Europe, appointed to the category of Global Investment Advisory Agency ("AAGI") by CNV Argentina. In this country there are only 4 official AAGI.

INDEC reported that the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) issued a new communication explaining this Census compliance certificates that are in accordance with the 2018 National Agricultural Census (CNA 2018) will be asked to carry out banking operations from 90 days running from the end of the substantive operation and for a calendar year.

BANK MORTGAGE with the closing of the Christmas campaign, concluded the United to Give Program 2018 edition, with the participation of all branches of the country and social investment of $ 6.4 million. In line with the field of strategic action in the community, Banco Hipotecario has been promoting the "United to Give" Program for 10 years. This initiative, which was motivated primarily by the spirit of solidarity that characterizes this institution, calls on all employees of the Central Building and Branches to strengthen their relationship with social organizations. Accompanying the start of classes of more than 6,500 girls and boys; providing food that is not rotten to more than 17,000 families at Easter; it benefits more than 250 social organizations; and in the winter edition, 140 solidarity packages were distributed, while at Christmas, 210 packages were donated.

SOGEFI FILTRATION ARGENTINA appointed as commercial and marketing manager for the Aftermerket division for Amilcar Altopiedi.

AADTYSS The Referral Commission of the Association of Argentine Labor and Social Security Laws was appointed President Lorenzo Gneccoit happened to Héctor O. García.

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