RAZR Motorola will return as a folding cellphone


This week Lastly we counted it: The Wall Street Journal
He reported that Motorola intends to relaunch the legendary RAZR next month. Some
picture on the list of World Intellectual Property Organizations
they seem smartphone confirmation with
folding screen

presented on December 17, 2018, showing the device with
folding screen inside, along with the other second screen
small outside. And no, the RAZR name doesn't appear anywhere,
but the picture leaves no doubt and shows a copy of the phone
it became Motorola's flag until nine years ago, when he left

changes from the past telephone will arrive inside, because
The old screen and key combination are replaced by one screen
long and can be folded

The truth is
that rumors about the possibility of relaunching the company's model have not
stopped recently. In fact, the co-designer of the RAZR V3, Paul
Pierce, he said to CNET that last month
there is an "opportunity" to revive the phone, but that "you can not
do it just because yes. We must find a way to offer a breakthrough

Flexible screen technology is a breakthrough that Pierce talked about, a
improvements that will allow Motorola retro phones to have the same design
(as a folding cellphone) rather than the original RAZR without interfering with the interface
modern Of course, as they say at Gizmodo, there is talk of rising prices
1,500 dollars.


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