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Photoshop is at least disguised from Wanda Nara who provoked all kinds of comments

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December 28, 2018

From the wall it tilts to "7 different games": it seems that the model goes hand in hand with retouching on photos and social networks don't forgive them.

Celebrities, especially those who have millions of followers on Instagram, have a big impact on every publication they make on the platform.

One of them Wanda Nara, partners and representatives of Argentine soccer players Mauro Icardi, who has more than 4 million followers and produced a revolution in every place he stepped on in Italy, where he lived for years with the striker and his children.

Wanda Nara published a controversial tweet about her children, but she regretted it and then deleted it

However, this concern that the photos they publish are truly extraordinary, can cause erroneous errors seen with the naked eye: photoshop use This is very common, although the advantages are quite visible.

And that happened to the blonde-haired model with one of his last photos, where he was seen holding a bottle of champagne. But comments did not appear there, given that the function was not allowed: especially on Twitter, hundreds of users ridiculed Wanda Nara's image and talked about wall tendencies, and until they are animated to find "7 differences" with very similar photos.

This image was published a few days before:

This is not the first time the model has misused photoshop to touch the photo. In October, after images on social networks, women and representatives from Mauro IcardiVery strong criticized on Instagram social networking.

This is after sharing photos in your account, where you see them fix the image. "Better, delete the picture. It doesn't matter that there are so many comments that criticize", recommended model followers.

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