Paritarias: The government offers a 23% increase to SUTE – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


The government seeks to avoid problems and thus guarantees the beginning of the 2019 school year by closing the year with a collective agreement. On Tuesday the Education Workers Union (SUTE) Union, the first union was called to negotiate. However, they rejected the first official proposal directly.

On this occasion, the Executive did not offer a trigger clause to renew salaries for inflation. The proposal is a 23% increase in five non-cumulative sections. The offer covers a 5% increase in January and then four installments of more than 4.5% will be paid in May, August, October and December.

Deputy Modernization, Ulpiano Suárez, explained that the salary offer was in accordance with the "budget estimate". Although there is still no final sanction, Budget 2019, which is being discussed Tuesday in the Senate, estimates inflation of 23%.

"This proposal will not be downloaded to school because it does not have a trigger clause. SUTE will bring its own proposal", clarifying guild owners, Sebastián Henríquez.

In addition, one of the specific claims of education workers is that at least 5% of wages for this year's recomposition, requests that are disposed of by the Executive.

On the other hand, Suarez blamed SUTE for rejecting the proposed 2018 increase, which caused teachers and wardens not to increase every month like other sectors.

"We want the salary discussion to be set before the end of the year and guarantee the beginning of the 2019 school year," added the official who at the same time reminded that the previous year was a union which "postponed" salary negotiations.

In addition, the Executive reiterated that in Mendoza the employee would not charge a year-end bonus, because in the province the salary was adjusted this year through a trigger clause.

Teacher salary

SUTE contains teacher salary reports prepared by the Critical Economic Research Center.

According to the study, a ten-year-old teacher in September was charged $ 14,422 and a 10-year-old guard also had a salary of $ 14,314.

In addition, among conclusions, the report shows that teacher salaries lost against inflation, with a slump for December 2018 from 19% and 24% if class items are included.


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