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Pampita and Pico Monaco, together again: why is that?

The most mediated and angry with the media He bet again on love. White teeth and posters smile Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Juan The peak Monaco they will fill all the magazines again. The media homeland offers such news.

Because Pampita and Pico do not produce too much for the media separately and in summer mortadela, at least we will have something to talk about.

Because for Pampita we don't like Polito Pieres or one bit. And Pico is not known to drink who is famous as a potential girlfriend.

Because Pico, who blames all his misery on journalists, now will have reasons to keep complaining and continue to get the love of the medium.

Because Pampita He always has a lot of work, but now in summer pairing with Pico will be a billing machine. Good for them.

Because as a couple they have given hours and hours of television at this time. And with them together open various possibilities, namely: separation, coexistence, children, marriage, fighting, appearance, separation, and so on to infinity.

Because with Pampita in action, Nicole, her alter ego, will start moving in Punta del Este. For now, the first Fabián Cubero That is very quiet.

Because Pampita and Pico are together they can be a great summer couple if they apply, but they can also be a big summer breakup or a big summer wedding. They match all possible lockers.

Because even though there are jokes, couples It seems that you love and provide a new opportunity to love, and it is worth celebrating. From this column we offer reconciliation and we give our blessing.

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