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Pain for the death of a young woman's boxing promise

He died at the age of 23 Yazmín Marzo, one promise is young than boxing national The cause of death is being investigated, although it is known that it might be due to a drug overdose.

The boxer lives with his family in the neighborhood of Mariano Moreno from the town of Cordovan. According to the portal Villa María Yes, his mother, Claudia, found her at home still with vital signs.

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Later, the athlete was taken to Pasteur Regional Hospital, which is located about ten minutes, but suffered a heart attack that could not revive it.

Recently, Yazmín Marzo participated in AIBA World Championship senior (International Boxing Amateur Association), which was created in New Delhi. next to the selected Las Toritas.

Access to a place after winning a gold medal at the National held at Alta Gracia in May. To travel to IndiaYazmin had to gain weight to integrate the 75 kilo category, which fell on his debut with Myagmarjargal Munkhbat (Mongolia).

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