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Ovarian cancer symptoms that every woman must know

Death of Mexican actress Edith González This reminds us how vulnerable women are to our reproductive system cancer.

The actress was diagnosed in 2016 with ovarian cancer and a year later was forgiven, but lost in the fight against the disease earlier yesterday.

The earliest signs of ovarian cancer are often misinterpreted as not too severe, making treatment less likely to succeed. Ovarian cancer is known as the "silent killer".

This is because many women are diagnosed late, Dr. David Fishman, from the Queens New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Pap Papanicolaou exam does not help. This test is used to detect cervical cancer and not ovarian cancer. One in 75 women will develop ovarian cancer, but all women are at risk for this disease.

Gift Those who have had breast cancer or other forms of cancer in the past or have close relatives who experience it are at greater risk.

Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer before it spreads have a 93-year survival rate, 93 percent, researchers have found, but ovarian cancer screening is difficult and often delayed.

Women with a genetic mutation of BRCA1 and BRCA2 have a higher risk of ovarian cancer, and the risk of all women increases with age.

Half of all ovarian cancers are diagnosed in women of 63 years.

Long-term use of birth control pills reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by about 50 percent, according to a press release from Mount Sinai in New York City.

Removal of the fallopian tube is the best way to prevent ovarian cancer, but it is not suitable for all women.

Women who are sterile, obese or over the age of 70 also have a higher risk.

Important lifestyle choices. Certain lifestyle choices are associated with lower risk of ovarian cancer. They include following a healthy low-fat diet, giving birth and using contraception.

Undergoing tubal ligation or preventive surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes can also reduce the chance of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer in the early stages is very treatable, so we advise you to undergo an annual health check.

Early stage symptoms

– Inflammation in the pelvis
– Dizzy
– back pain
– Digestive symptoms
– Abdominal pain
– Changes in menstrual periods

Symptoms at an advanced stage

– Cramps and intense seizures
– Unexplained weight loss
– Need to urinate frequently
– constipation

* If you see these symptoms for more than a week, talk to your doctor and ask about problems with the ovary.

Some experts say that when detection of the disease is still early, it can increase life expectancy by up to 95%. This type of cancer occurs mainly in women aged between 50 and 70 years.

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