Other trout doctors from Cañuelas also asked permission to leave the country


Felipe Nori is not the only medical doctor working at the elngel Marzetti Hospital, located in Cañuelas. With the same modus operandi, without having the qualifications to practice and pretend to be another professional, the Thai Soares Costa also practiced medicine illegally at the center. However, When he asked permission to travel to Brazil, his home country, he was refused.

The Soares Costa case is almost a mirror of the Nori case. Young Brazil he has faked identity cards, registrations and diplomas when he appears to get a job.

Under identity Sonia Banhuki Galvao, a general practitioner working in Brazil, medical students at the University of Morón managed to detain the Angel Marzetti Hospital for eight months and at the Máximo Paz Health Unit.

Thailand Soares Costa in the marriage of Felipe Nori. Credit: Infocañuelas
Thailand Soares Costa in the marriage of Felipe Nori. Credit: Infocañuelas

Like Nori, Soares Costa not only takes care of patients in the guards, but also prescribes drugs with names, stamps and registration numbers that suit other people.

When he comes to testify, denied all charges against him. He said he did not know doctor Sonia Banhuki, or "colleague" Nori. Although Infocañuelas He posted a photo of them both at their wedding last year.

He also denied signing the prescription and refused to answer specific questions. For example, who contacted him to work in the hospital and how he got a copy of Banhuki's personal certificate and documents.

Despite the similarities with the Nori case, Soares Costa did not have the same luck with his permission to leave the country. In December, he asked for UFIJ 2 authorization to travel to Brazil, but they deny it. "His colleague" got it thanks to the La Plata Correctional Court 1. He can travel and hasn't returned to Argentina.

Regarding this difference of opinion, lawyer Claudio Calabressi, who is defending the Santos family Margarita Serrano, who died under Nori's care, because of a disgraceful murder, questioned this.

In dialogue with TN.com.ar, lawyer guaranteed that the argument for rejecting the authorization of Soares Costa must be the same in the case of his compatriot. "Even more familiar with the Brazilian system with its citizens", explained by reference to rules that do not allow extraditing Brazilians to our country.


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