Oscar Ruggeri revealed who was his best teammate, the best player he directed and left a short phrase for Boca fans


Oscar Ruggeri He gave interesting interviews from the Atlantic Coast and, among other topics, he remembered his time as a footballer. "Diego Maradona is the best partner I have", He revealed and also told the player which was the best he directed: "Sebastián Saja, Leandro Romagnoli, Walter Erviti, Mario Santana, Lucas Pusineri, Iván Córdoba and Sergio Agüero".

"Cabezón" recalled his stage as a National Team player and was filled with praise Carlos Bilardo, who was his coach in the conquest of the 1986 Mexico World Cup: "That is above. I have a very good coach, but he educates us beyond instilling us that it is only important to win, family and National Team. "

"Bilardo told us & # 39; you won the world championship and people will thank you for the rest of your life." When we were young and we didn't understand, we wanted to win the thread, today I saw that crazy people are right, "he added in a conversation with Sports Sect.

Ruggeri assured that National Team shirt "special" and regret the poor results, especially in the last World Cup in Russia 2018: "We don't do things well and it's embarrassing, we have good players and they haven't used it, but that's how we live in this country. It won't go well until we are ordered. "

"When everything is very fast and We think that because we are Argentines, we will do it well, they showed us with cachetazo that this no longer happened. We are very far from those who have worked for years. With the cost Argentina has to win the World Cup, it has the top 10 as we did, we take on more dimensions of our accomplishments. I hope that happens again, "he was happy.

In another order, "Cabezón" talks about Shallow who denied Mouth and River by Copa Libertadores. While he acknowledged that "it's not a game anymore and that it will be in the story ", saying that "after all that is alive will not happen again." Regarding success, Ruggeri is direct: "If you lose, you don't play, winning is the most important thing, but ask Boca players if they reach the final."


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