"Only friends": they met while fighting cancer and posing together for the first time


When Andrea was diagnosed, he "Collapsing life". Guillermina, the youngest child of her daughter, He will turn 5 and they have just found a tumor in his brain. When Jessica was diagnosed, she felt the same way. Juanna, her only daughter, He was one and a half years old and was recently confirmed to have leukemia.

Mother and daughter did not meet at the door of kindergarten: they met each other for the first time in the corridor of the oncology area of ​​a hospital in Cordoba.

Andrea Negrette lives in Saldán, 20 kilometers from the city of Cordoba. He is 41 years old, a teacher and a widow. He was excited on the phone when he talked about who he was. The young man, father of two daughters, died of a brain tumor 3 years ago.

"A few months after losing my husband, when I tried to see how he could progress with two little girls, several teachers from the school came looking for me," he told Infobae. His friends had seen that Guillermina, the youngest of her two daughters, had "aberrant eyes". Andrea sought an appointment with an ophthalmologist and was unsuccessful.

The loss of her husband is so new they are still sleeping in all three in the big bed. It was on the bed that Andrea noticed that her daughter was disturbed by the night table light. That same night, they ran to the clinic and did a tomography.

"I remember they opened the door and were full of doctors." The rest are fuzzy words, with an echo: someone told him that his daughter had a tumor in the cerebellum and that he had to be operated on immediately. The baby suffers from medulloblastoma, which means malignant cells can spread to the central nervous system and marrow.

"I can't get away from him, I begged them: & # 39; Let me, you just lost your father, he touched my hair to sleep & # 39;" said Andre. They left him. Guillermina was operated on to remove the tumor from her head and they had to go back to surgery 20 days later, when they detected that there was nothing left.

"There is a doctor who tells me all the time: & # 39;You must understand that the forecast is very bad. & # 39; I do not want to believe, He can't lose it too. I said, & # 39; I will believe that my daughter will be healed & # 39 ;. If you think something will turn black, you see it black and eventually black. I don't want to do it, "Andrea continued.

"Fortunately," the doctor could not continue caring for his daughter. That's why they went to the Cordoba Private University Hospital. And that's where the story of friendship between the girls begins. In the oncology area, other girls are in care: Juanna, who is 1 year and a half, Celina (who now has 5), Zoe (who now has 6) and Felicitas (also 6).

With whom is now talking Infobae is Jésica Moreno, 33, mother of Juanna. "In August 2017 they told us that I had acute lymphoblastic leukemia b, I linked it to the worst, it was terrible. She is my only daughter and she is one and a half years old. "

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Juanna spent 35 days in isolation while undergoing chemotherapy. "I remember the first time I heard the word chemotherapy, what, at first, was all negation: I wanted to believe that maybe it was nothing more than a virus, so when I started to know other stories, I changed my vision, my energy, I have to learn to accept"he said.

"You do not know how important friendship is among girls so they can continue to fight. My daughter heard another girl playing in the hall and she wanted to wake up, she was happy, she wanted to get out. When they are in care, they cannot see other children, A year ago he would not have a birthday. It's crazy to say it but Juanna likes to be interned because there she can play with her friends. "

Knowing Guillermina without hair helped Juanna when she lost her hair: "For her it was not traumatic. When he ran out of hair, he was happy because now he looked like his friend"Then." Guillermina, who is now 6 years old, is not easy: in addition to two neurosurgery and all the complications she has overcome, she has to undergo a difficult chemotherapy and radiotherapy session.

Seeing them playing in the hallway is a relief for everyone: "Sometimes Guille is sick with white blood cells and You see him playing tricks with other girls and laughing. Could it be that in that situation I would lie in bed, "said Andrea." I witnessed that the catheter was not connected but then I let them enjoy it. The energy from them raised our parents. They cannot go to the park, to the square, but they have each other: they share toys, which must be injected, they let him take the baby. "

Guillermina's last resonance was a week ago and she gave "very good": "Doctors say that brain tumors are very aggressive, the worst in childhood cancer. my daughter has received divine help ", He smiled, and I did not need to clarify that he thought of her husband. Juanna, now 3 years old, also returned home, in Malagueño, Cordoba. In the last April chemo ended.

Friendship, the girls taught them so much to their parents that they suggested that they pose together for a photo session. They are waiting for everyone to have hair and they called photographer Maité Arrieta. This story was published in Interior Sounds and all families, from small cities, experience a revolution.

They agreed to tell their story – they explained – because they thought of a mother or father who received a diagnosis like they had received. The hope of their stories and the life contained in the photos displayed is a gift for them.


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