Thursday , October 21 2021

Official pressure to reduce gasoline by 10%


The national government intends that oil companies reduce their fuel prices by 10% in December with the fall in oil prices and a stable dollar as an argument.

Executives began "wise, but resilient" negotiations with oil companies, according to the Clarín newspaper, so the reduction reached at least premium products, whose prices have risen almost 70% so far this year.

"In December there was an update on carbon taxes, but we believe that oil companies have achieved import parity (import parity prices, where local production is measured) and now they have to reduce the amount in 10%, at least in (nafta) premium" , detailed from the Rosada Clarín newspaper.

"Oil companies use imports for premium (refining), if import prices are what they take into account, the logical thing is they will go down," said an official who asked not to be mentioned.

At the Executive Branch, they maintain that they tolerate an increase in international oil prices, which reached US $ 85 in early October. But that is now changing the scenario and oil is declining in the area of ​​US $ 62 per barrel in the case of Brent, a variation considered in this country.

In Executive Power, they will put this argument to the YPF authorities, but they can also bring them to Axion and Shell, other major players on the market. However, the official belief is that YPF has significant market leadership that drags the rest of the market.


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