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Odebrecht condemned the "double standards" of the Government …

The Brazilian company Odebrecht sued the Argentine State for discrimination against other companies after suspending the company in the National Register of Public Works Builders (RNC). The company stated that the Mauricio Macri government implemented a "double standard" because it did not act in the same way before local companies recognized illegal payments in court.

The preventive suspension that fell on Brazilian companies was doused by a corruption scandal, involving businessmen and officials from several countries in the region, dated July 3, 2017. This prevented it from competing in new offers.

After more than 14 months the construction company requested rehabilitation. In his lawsuit, Odebrecht demanded that they issue a certificate of contract capacity and allow him to compete for new public works projects, according to the La Nación newspaper.

According to Odebrecht, while it was still suspended, no special action was "produced so far" in the investigation of other companies involved in alleged bribery in public works, followed by a federal judge of the Cladio Bonadio. That is why he asked the Judge to order the RNC to report how his actions were in the presence of "other companies whose officials and / or shareholders expressly admitted to the court the crime commission or corrupt practices related to public contracts, to avoid arbitrariness".

Last July, the company requested preventive measures that fell to Controversial Macarena Federal Judge Marra Giménez, and then filed a lawsuit against the State. The state makes a series of requirements for information about all the judicial and administrative processes it faces in Argentina or abroad.

Brazilian companies, meanwhile, are taking a list of Registry requests as a maneuver to delay rehabilitation which proves "the double standard that exists in this case".

At that time, the Interior Ministry rejected Odebrecht's claim. He argues that the claim does not have support and does not explain exactly and concretely where and under what circumstances [el Registro] will apply different criteria for the same situation ".

In turn, Judge Marra Giménez considers that judicial news originating from court cases exceeds the "current process framework", but the lawsuit against the State to discuss suspension in the List of Builders continues.

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