Now you can hide your profile photo from WhatsApp to contacts without having to block it


If you want WhatsApp contacts not to realize that you don't want them to see your profile picture, here's how to do it.

Privacy is the most important thing in social networks and WhatsApp try to optimize your service constantly. Therefore, we now have the option to hide contact profile photos that we don't want to see but we also don't want to block them.

To do this we must follow these simple steps: first, we must ensure that we only activate the display of our profile image to the contact that we decided to schedule beforehand. If you haven't already done so, you must sign in WhatsApp a Settings> Account> Privacy and then select the option mentioned.

Remember that you are chatting with the person in question, so you have to go to the mobile calendar – outside the application WhatsApp– and delete the contact you want to hide the profile picture.

After doing this, the person will no longer see your profile picture because it's no longer part of your contact, even if you don't block it. You will be able to check it easily from the start WhatsApp.

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