Saturday , October 16 2021

Not tomorrow: River and Boca determine the Copa Libertadores champions in the historic final

The wait is over. Definition of all or nothing that will come. For eternal glory. To remain in the story. There is no tomorrow. This Saturday, River and Boca fans start the day with one phrase on the head. Or with everything. Other people can't even think, imagine what will happen: the final of the Copa Libertadores, which will be determined who will be the head champion who will be remembered forever.

Two weeks after an exciting 2-2 on Bombonera, now the turn to play at the Monumental from 17, with the referee from Andrés Cunha Uruguay and television from Fox Sports, what will be a surprise that both FIFA president Gianni Infantino wanted to lose. That is why the security operation will have two thousand troops, personal security and three check rings to avoid fake entries.

The stadium will be full of Millionaire fans and full of energy. 66 thousand souls will push (that they collect more than 100 million pesos, notes) for the players as happened at the Xeneize court in the first leg.

Teams that will throw Marcelo Gallardo and Guillermo Barros Schelotto they are real mysteries, because they haven't seen much of their training during preparation, making player rotations and schemes even more than once per training.

Local must replace Rafael Santos Borré (suspended by yellow accumulation). With Ignacio Scocco injured, the first option for the place fell. Then Muñeco (who remains suspended and will be in the box but without communication or contact with the players) doubts between Rodrigo Mora and Juan Fernando Quintero, which will change the scheme depending on who plays.

With Mora they will retain two points (the other is Lucas Pratto), but with Juanfer there will be two people responsible for arming the game (he and Pity Martinez) and Pratto as the only area reference. Another variant that Gallardo will make in connection with the first leg is the return of captain Leonardo Ponzio, who recovered from a muscle injury, which will be signed by Lucas Martínez Quarta.

During the visit the panorama was similar, but with more variants. With Esteban Andrada almost certainly back in the goal by Agustin Rossi after a jaw fracture, The big question is how to make up for the absence of Cristian Pavón, torn.

This time, Guillermo will not bet for double 9 with Darío Benedetto and Ramón ilabila, but he analyzes three different schemes, where the names of attackers Mauro Zárate, experienced and juvenile Carlos Tevez Agustín Almendra, appear in the order of priority.

If the tie remains – the away goal rule is not running – the match will go to extension, where two fifteen minutes each time you will play and the technician will be able to make a fourth change, and finally the criminal definition will be reached, where VAR will also be applied.

This intersection will be the last of the current modalities of the Libertadores, because from the next edition there will be a single deciding party, which will be played in Santiago de Chile.

Apart from gaining a new international degree, the for River will be the fourth Cup of history and for Boca seventh, achieving Independiente as the most victorious, also risking everything that surrounds football folklore and spends life on classic rivals.

The big strawberries from this final are that the champions – who already have space available on the Obelisk to celebrate – will play the Club World Cup in the UAE in December, with illusions against the definition of fighting against Real Madrid.

The words are over. There is no tomorrow. Play it!

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