Saturday , October 16 2021

Night Sight: incredible night vision from Google mobile


Google updates their Pixel cellphone camera with a new feature: Night Sight, incredible night vision mode, which allows you to take photos with almost no light, no need for flash or tripod.

The final bet of the tech giant is increasing the bar as far as computational photography is concerned. Night Sight uses a combination of photos taken at very short intervals, with slow shutter speeds, and then processes them by reducing noise, to achieve images with details and qualities that have never been seen before.

While photography often takes low-light photos using long exposure times and tripods, Google achieves results by taking pictures with the device in hand.

Night Sight segmentes the exposure into the busy photos taken sequentially, which are then rearranged into one image using artificial intelligence developed by the company. This is the evolution of the HDR + process used in Pixel cameras, with several updates.

Google promises that with this mode you can take photos between 3 lux and 0.3 lux. Technically, "lux" is defined as the amount of light reaching the surface per unit area, measured in lumen per square meter.

And what is 0.3 lux? The company said that it was a level of lighting that was so rare, that it would be difficult to find a key if they fell to the floor with such lighting levels.

According to The Verge, before you take pictures, Google's night vision makes many multifactor calculations. Using what the company calls motion measurement, Pixels take into account their own movements (or lack thereof), the movement of objects in the scene and the amount of light available to decide how much exposure to take and how long they must last. .

At most, a Night Sight photo will take up to six seconds and up to 15 frames to take pictures. Google has set a limit of one second per exposure if the phone is perfectly silent, or one third of a second if held by hand.

This means you can get six one-second exposures with the device on a tripod or up to 15 shorter exposures when the phone is held, all of them give the final photo.

"Night Sight not only takes good photos in low light, but it is also fun to use, because it takes photos in situations where you can barely see anything," the tech giant said on his blog.

"When the scenery is quite dark, an icon appearing on the screen shows that you can get better pictures with Night Sight, but not limited to these cases, right after sunset, or at concerts, or in the city. Night Sight takes "photos are clean (low noise), and make them brighter than reality, it's an effect that looks magical if done well," he concluded.

Night Sight is available in the entire range of Google Pixel phones, even though on the XDA developer forum they have successfully installed it on other devices, at your own risk.

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