"Nazarena Vélez said she defended her daughter and destroyed it," Carmen Barbieri said


Last time, the controversy between Federico Bal and Barbie Vélez returned to strength. Nazarena Vélez returned to the ring after learning that her daughter would be in Mar del Plata for the theater season, like Fede, so they could cross. Since then, the blonda has not stopped giving statements to his ex-girlfriend and succeeded, so that the actor asked for a barrier against him.

In that context, Carmen Barbieri – Who moved away from the scandal – joined a fight and went to defend his son in a radio interview. "He was a man, he chose his partner, I never got a partner or in his life, he lived alone since he was 18 years old, today he is 29 years old. It has everything with his lawyer, but because a lot since he was experimenting with women ", he began to explain in Catalina Agarrate, for La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad.

"The line that comes out now is to stop the aggression and threats received by Federico, we see the woman every day in the media saying she doesn't know what she will do the day she is found, it is a threat", he explained. "From there and heard that he was a puncher and murderer, and that he compared it to cases like Schoklenders, there were times when he didn't want to be littered with names, maturity and his family," he continued.

"He was obsessed, he said he defended his daughter and he destroyed it, he drowned it, the girl cried, someone hurt children without realizing it," he said. capochromic. He added: "This is a very big obsession, he has it with Agostini, with Hernán Caire, he destroyed several lives, names, and we will not let him destroy our last name or damage my child. He did it."

"I will not let this woman pollute my family and pollute me like she did," he said. Barbieri very angry. Finally, when asked about Barbie Vélez's latest images, where she was seen crying, she said: "Barbie doesn't speak because she wants to leave everything behind and that's fine, because it's settled in Justice". And he concluded: "Bring it back and turn on this mistress's fire."


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