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NASA announces US is heading to the Moon

Private companies can land on the Moon as soon as next year, after NASA announces a $ 3.6 billion contract to get people there as soon as possible.

Nine companies will compete for contracts to deliver science and technology experiments to the surface of the moon, with NASA allowing companies to compile details to get there.

The tests will help accelerate progress towards long-term scientific studies and human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Before humans can regularly travel into space, agencies need to better understand the needs of navigation, landing, and survival.

The news came just three days after the NASA spacecraft, InSight, landed on Mars, only the eighth time a ship[hascompletedthetriptotheseventy-eight80vicemetersofEarth[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth[telahmenyelesaikanperjalananhampirtujuhbulan480jutakilometerdariBumi[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth

NASA wants to test the system on the Moon before conducting commercial shipping services on Mars.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine made an announcement at the agency headquarters in Washington in 2019, which marked the 50th anniversary of the landing of the first manned month.

He hinted at the news earlier in the week when he tweeted that the US was heading to the Moon "faster than you think."

The space agency has released the first photos and videos, with the spacecraft's Twitter account reporting "calm beauty here".

The $ 993 million lander, which appears to be in good condition, will soon begin to stretch its robotic arms for a 360-degree view, and deploy earthquake sensors on the surface of Mars.

NASA engineers plan to start working with their robotic arms immediately, but proceed with caution.

The arm has five mechanical fingers to help lift and place two instruments on the ground in the coming months.

"Slowly releasing all my hidden tension, starting with loosening my grapple, as shown by the pics before and after this," said the NASA InSight Twitter account.

"Until I am ready to stretch my arms, the angle of my camera will be the same."

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