Nahir Galarza and a prisoner for drug trafficking fight in prison


The Women's Prison in Paraná has a busy weekend. There, Nahir Galarza was accommodated, who constantly served the crime of his girlfriend Fernando Pastorizzo.

The other protagonist of the incident is Griselda Bordeira, a former sergeant tried and sent for a relationship with a drug gang where the intrusion of Paraná, Sergio Varisco, will be involved.

Both of them share pavilions in prisons and, as recognized by the Penitentiary in newspapers One, lFriction and tension among inmates are constant and increasing.

Finally, bad weather in the prison peaked this weekend. The threat of death was crossed between them, until the last provocation by Bordeira resulted in Galarza's reaction.

Local media added that Correctional institutions must separate prisoners to stop the war.

"They fought over their issues, so it was decided that someone must leave the pavilion", showing prison authorities. Precisely, it was decided to move Bordeira to the maternal ward.


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