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Moria Casán, the chameleon woman who always applies

It's polite and the owner is a unique style. He has a strong personality and is politically wrong. A tireless and diverse worker who throughout his career served as a vedette, actress, comedian and humorist. Moria Casán (73) understand the rules of the entertainment world and always remain valid.

In 2018, the One decided to make a big change in his television career: he left his chair on Dance, after becoming one of the contest history judges. They continued to stand up Marcelo Polino and Angel De Brito, while renovations come with Florence Peña and Laurita Fernández. The program went well, but no one succeeded in filling in the vacancy of the jury who always produced scandals and polemic with the participants. Moria was always very functional for the show, so she was responsible for replacing it Marcelo Tinelli when he loses his voice and has to leave the live program.

With Wrong, the diva was chosen to renew the American afternoon on the same track Infama I have worked for years. Accompanied by his "vayainas" (the word he created to refer to his panelist), Moria had been leading the magazine for seven months. The advantages on television today are that it quickly overrides any program that does not reach a good audience level. In this way, he continued the leadership he left behind many years ago, like when he interviewed politicians there Sleep with Moria, or when he installs the phrase "if you want to cry, cry" in the talk show Between Moria and you.

With hers karate language he was also replaced Jorge Rial enter Intruder. First, during a trip carried out by journalists to the United States. And he continued to be in front of the cycle for another four months because the driver took the license to devote himself to new work projects and to rebuild relations with his daughter Brunette. Therefore, he spent four hours on the air with two programs from Monday to Friday on American screens.

He also participated in 100 days in love, fiction from Telefe who compete on the same track ShowMatch. In the successful Underground strip, he plays a character who laughs at himself in an ironic way, such as when he refers to a jewelry theft scandal imprisoned in Paraguay.

In summer, Diva plans to continue in front Wrong, with an extended schedule. In addition, he will tour around the country to contest drag queens. And they evaluated the realization of the television version of this event and the American cycle. Too have a proposal to participate in a series which will be broadcast on the platform on request. And they teased him to act in two locally produced films.

Unlike historical television conductors like Tinelli or Mirtha Legrand, that every year they use the same format (because they know it works), Moria is encouraged to another challenge. And the audience followed. Loved by several people and criticized by others, he is a chameleon woman, because he never stops surprise with his explosive statement, because he says what he thinks, because he is not afraid of criticism, because he is genuine.

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