Moria Casán aims against the collective Actrices Argentinas – 1/19/2019


Like Isabel Macedo a few days ago, Moria Casán showed his distance from Actrices Argentinas Collective, which supported criticism for Thelma Fardín's violation of Juan Darthés. The "One" disagrees with the part of the movement's actions and makes it very clear in an interview with Catalina Dlugi on "Catalina Agarrate" for the Ten Ten.

"I don't feel close to Actrices Argentinas Collective, I feel no one represents me, I can agree on a number of things, but I will never be able to be part of a collective because it looks like a package ", convincing the host" Incorrectas "(America).

Moves Collective Argentinas.

Moves Collective Argentinas.

The diva operates her karate language and shows her posture that is far away from the movements that grow up driven by the actresses. "I don't have life-long criteria, some cases for me, others don't, so I can't participate, and I don't go by train, I take a plane like Charly (García) said," he said.

As such, Moria joined Isabel Macedo and Barby Franco, who had shown their position against Collective. In the case of the couple's lawyer Fernando Burlando, his criticism came after the statement of Carla Lescano, half-brother of Thelma Fardin.

"Why don't you hug Thelma's sister who is raped? Ah, you have to be an actress to be in a group," the model wrote and the lawyer's boyfriend (who legally represents Juan Darthés) through his book. Twitter account, given that Lescano was also raped.

The actress and artist joined the joint appeal for Ni Una Menos in Congress.

The actress and artist joined the joint appeal for Ni Una Menos in Congress.

Meanwhile, Macedo also distinguishes himself in a way in which the collective Actrices Argentinas shows its empowerment and clarifies its position. "I don't want to integrate collective Actions because I don't share ways," the actress sentenced her in early January in an interview.


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