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More tariff increases: gas will also increase 35% in April

Although the cumulative increase in light is confirmed in four parts starting in February – with a cumulative total of 55% – the increase in gas is not so direct: You must first go through a public hearing that will be held in March. However, industry sources stressed this afternoon that the increase was "a fact".

The government believes that the renewal of the tariff schedule will be conducted once in 2019, in April, and that in October – when it can rise again – there will be no further improvement. Overall, this is something that will be confirmed throughout the next year.

During 2018, for users, the gas increase was around 77.6% (32% in April and 34.5% in October). If the increase is taken because Cambiemos is the government, December 2015, the accumulated increase is equal to 660 percent, according to the Consumer Price Index of the City of Buenos Aires and Invenómica.

Gas rates are updated in a percentage similar to wholesale inflation (IPIM) accumulated between October and March. This is an increase that must be authorized by Enargas, after conducting a public hearing, and is defined according to indices such as wholesale inflation and wage evolution.

But the main point of the debate is the contract with the producing companies, to avoid what happened last winter, when the government finally compensated them for devaluation. The idea is that the contract can be in dollars, but the price will go up for each semester.

The latter staff report from the IMF – institutional recommendations to the Government – he asked to comply with regulations to transfer additional devaluation fees to the level paid by consumers.

Currently, of the total bills received by users, almost half of them reflect the costs of transportation and distribution, and the remaining value of gas at the wellhead.

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