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Mona Jiménez will be tried for plagiarism – 12/29/2018

Several years ago Spanish musician José María "Chema" Purón visited Argentina and a friend innocently congratulated him because With what i love you One of his successes with the group compiled by Mocedades in 1983 was success and popularity in our country which was even sung on the soccer field.

Surprised at the revelation of his friend, Purón realizes that he has never received royalties for the interpretation of his creation and begins investigating, until he comes to the song. For what i love you from Carlos & # 39; La Mona & # 39; Jimenez, identical to hers but which only changes "Con" with "Por" in the title. The rest is exactly the same.

In February last year, the Cordoban singer was called to testify after one and a half years of instruction, after which it was possible to prove that in 1983 Chema Purón had recorded the same song as the Mocedades group and had registered it the following year. They also succeeded in determining that in 1986, the La Mona (Juana Delseri) and one of their musicians, Daniel Franco, recorded a song titled For what i love you.

Complainant lawyer Marta Nercellas was confirmed exclusively for Clarin: "The room demands & # 39; La Mona & # 39; Jiménez, her partner and Daniel Franco for plagiarism crimes for the song With what i love you, which is one of the songs of the singer Cordovan and whose credit is written ".

In addition, Nercellas considers: "Jimenez doesn't do it without wanting to maneuver". Consulted by Clarin On the notice to the quartet, he said: "He was told that he was sued, he intended to say that it was an economic problem, but it was not an economic problem but a criminal matter. don't need music skills"

Regarding the judicial process that follows from now on, Nercellas explained: "The prosecution will be final, it is not marriage and must be tried, it can be in March 2019."

"The sentence can be up to six years in prison, regardless of economic damage because since 1986, Jimenez has collected rights to this song that is not his, and not only is charged for his appearance, but also has rights when other artists such as Rodrigo Bueno and Walter Olmos add it to their song list, "said the lawyer.

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