Mirko's funny reaction when Marley covered the animated cartoon: "Cargosos!"


"Stop protecting me with animated cartoons, you are burdensome!"he wrote Marley from an Instagram account from Mirko, along with a very concentrated baby video trying to see the screen until the tire and tapping on the cellphone that recorded it.

Video, which has nearly 500 thousand reproductions, has more than a thousand comments, full of praise for the driver's son. Minutes to win.

"Mirko is very good, big people won't mess with you", "What a beautiful baby", "You're the best, I want to be like you", "I eat it", "Very good Mirkito", "Baby beautiful "," Leave Mirko alone or tell Beiley "," Bombón tu hijo Marley "and" Precioso, have a nice evening ", are some comments.

With the first chapter of Minutes to win already recorded, Alejandro Wiebe is expecting a great year. Later he will do it La Voz Argentina and For the world, That cycle will, because it cannot be otherwise, accompanied by his son.


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